Intellectual Property Rights

The importance of intellectual property protection has seen an enormous growth in the last two decades. Today, no business may operate without the appropriate protection of intellectual property and know-how. KNP LAW attorneys regularly advise and represent clients in all aspects of intellectual property (IP) law. In addition to counseling on Hungarian IP law, KNP LAW attorneys represent clients before authorities concerned with IP rights, e.g., the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, OHIM, EPO, and WIPO regarding trademark, patent and other industrial IP rights, and copyright issues.

KNP LAW attorneys participated in the drafting of Hungarian IP legislation by providing legal advice for government entities and professional corporations.

The following are representative matters from the IP practice of KNP LAW:

KNP LAW attorneys advise clients on the registration of trademarks, regarding Hungarian, European, or international trademarks, on the selling or purchasing of trademarks in connection with M&A transactions, with trademark invalidation procedures, and in trademark infringement litigation.

In the field of patent law, attorneys at KNP LAW provide legal advice, among other services, in the area of pharmaceutical patents, including the drafting of many licensing-in and licensing-out agreements. Moreover, the firm has significant expertise in the registration of international patent applications in Hungary. KNP LAW attorneys assist clients with the validation in Hungary of patents and utility model protections granted by the EPO.

With respect to copyright law, KNP LAW attorneys have a wide knowledge regarding issues concerning movie distributors and multiplex movie operators. The firm has advised and represented actors and other artists in the drafting of copyright-related agreements.