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Intellectual Property Rights
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Now more than ever, effective safeguarding and management of intellectual property is critical for companies to protect value and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.  The diffusion of digital technology and its deep reach globally have given rise to unprecedented opportunities for IP dilution and infringements.  As brands continue to grow in value based on consumers’ expectations of reliability, quality and value, it is essential that companies be able to rely on experienced counsel to guide them in fortifying their intellectual property protections.

Managing and protecting intellectual property has become a complex endeavor for global and domestic companies. Multinational companies often have huge IP portfolios and operations in multiple jurisdictions with varied IP laws and levels of enforcement. Whether you need to devise a suitable protection strategy on your expanding IP portfolio or need to resolve a multi-jurisdictional dispute, we are ready to assist.  Our capabilities at KNP LAW are not limited to counseling and advisory work; we are also skilled at negotiating IP agreements, enforcing our clients’ IP rights, and working with our dispute resolution team to protect our clients’ interests in formal dispute resolution channels, if necessary.

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Trademarks ensure that consumers can distinguish the goods and services of one company from similar goods or services of another company without any confusion. Trademarks play a prominent role in marketing and, in general, in competition on the market. This is the main reason why the protection of trademarks is of paramount importance. Trademark protection is one of our many fields of expertise in the realm of intellectual property law. In the course of trademark protection KNP LAW’s IP team gives legal advice on creating the proper trademark, the trademark licensing procedure, extension of the trademark protection and assists in trademark infringement disputes. 

Copy Rights and Claims

The legal protection of copyright works is foundational for the operation and development of the Hungarian and global cultural sector, and promotes the protection of jobs, enterprises and investments. Many industries are based on copyright protection, such as the music industry, book publishing, radio and television broadcasting, software, and film production. KNP LAW has extensive experience dealing with the legal protection copyrights afford and how they impact entities in different industries. Questions may arise in the course of an employment relationship, or a transaction and many other situations in which KNP can assist. 

We have extensive experience in dealing with IP as part of a wider commercial transaction and arranging tax-efficient licensing and exploitation as a stand-alone service. We regularly advise on IP rights in relation to the estates of well-known individuals and professionals in creative industries. 

Similarly to all of our practice groups, KNP LAW’s IP team works seamlessly with other substantive firm practices to ensure that our clients benefit from the full complement of our expertise and experience.  We are often asked to assist on matters that first come to the firm through a different department, but which may later present intellectual property protection questions. 


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