Banking and Finance

As a result of the recent worldwide economic crisis, the need for strict and clearly defined lending regulations in banking and finance has become a focal point for regulators, which in turn has created substantial opportunities for the legal profession.

KNP LAW has a strong reputation for providing quality advice to our corporate, private banking, and financial services clients. While in past years our practice focused on the representation of lenders and institutional investors, we always acted with firmness and candor, determined to negotiate the best terms and conditions for our clients. To reflect our clients’ specific objectives, we always prepare for multiple scenarios, providing them with solid foundations for informed decision-making.

KNP LAW advises international banks and institutional financial investors in the course of loans, security, liens, and deposit agreements, as well as representing them on matters of security enforcement, loan reconstruction, and lien foreclosure. KNP LAW offers valuable banking solutions in the area of mergers and acquisitions, and is able to provide complex financial advice regarding green-field development projects.