Restructuring & Insolvency Proceedings

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Restructuring & Insolvency Proceedings
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No company wants to find itself in financial distress.  But having a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team by your side during these difficult times can be the difference between failure and a good outcome.  With professional advice, some ailing businesses can get through the rough patch and come out stronger on the other end – to benefit their creditors, employees, and owners.

The Hungarian market has undergone tremendous changes over the past thirty years. The Restructuring and Insolvency team at KNP LAW has been by our clients’ side to help them navigate challenges during the inevitable difficult periods.  

Now especially more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are mindful of the severe disruptions that continue to ravage many sectors of the national and global economy, especially in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors.  We have been increasingly called on to help our clients identify and implement creative and effective strategies to ensure that they can weather the ongoing storm without sustaining permanent damage to their business. Now more, individualized attention and a holistic approach drawing on the experience and expertise of an entire law firm are essential to crafting a strategy that can give clients a path out of the difficult straits they find themselves.  

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Insolvency Proceedings

KNP LAW has experience assisting debtor companies, creditors, and shareholders in complex restructurings and insolvency proceedings. Our team advises on all stages and aspects of financial distress, from contingency planning, distressed investments, capital, and corporate restructurings, acquisitions, and disposals to formal insolvencies, both contentious and non-contentious. We also represent clients in the preparation and negotiation of debt restructuring. We explore options for clients, including bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy choices. Should litigation become necessary, our lawyers work out strategies and remedies to obtain the most significant recoveries on claims.


Although restructuring is often thought of only as a formal, legal proceeding, we prefer to think of it in much broader terms.  Ultimately, a company’s goal in restructuring is to find a firm financial footing and set it up for future success.  Achieving that goal requires a holistic approach so that the company does not just survive – but goes on to thrive.  At KNP LAW, our restructuring team constantly focuses on the big picture and works with clients to get them through the process and onto greener pastures. 

Restructuring is not a single-lane approach. We include members with expertise in all areas of the law to ensure we cover all aspects of the legislation involved in restructuring proceedings. Our team works closely with experts from the firm’s other KNP LAW practice areas, including banking & finance, corporate, M&A, dispute resolution, tax, and litigation, to provide our clients with the best possible solution to their restructuring needs.

Of course, we are available to help you in situations before a need for formal restructuring arises.  Our experienced lawyers are available as a valuable resource to help you proactively identify and manage risk to prevent potential problems of financial distress.

Can you provide restructuring assistance?

We can provide expert help at every stage of the business lifecycle.

Can you help with bankruptcy and liquidation?

Yes, we try to provide advice for all business situations.


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We provide solutions for current and anticipated problems through mutual collaboration between our team and yours. We solve and alleviate the legal obstacle.

International Background

Our team consists of attorneys trained in several countries, including the United States, Germany, and France.

Solution Driven

We are a firm built on cooperation and collaboration not only with our clients – but internally within our firm.

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