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Labor & Employment Law
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The strength of Hungary’s labor market is one of the reasons many foreign investors chose to make Hungary their home base in the European Union.  Hungarian workers are well-educated, highly skilled, and integrate well with global teams.  Identifying, hiring, and retaining such talent is crucial for any company, even when technological change disrupts many aspects of the traditional employer-employee relationship. 

Labor law is a sensitive area that interweaves the lives of companies and individuals and often presents situations that require unique solutions.  It is an area of the law where an informed human sensibility is essential.  Our experienced Labor and Employment Law Group is particularly well-suited to help clients navigate the legal and cultural landscape of this area of the law in Hungary and to create a flourishing employee culture that is fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

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Employment Law-Related Contracts

Our labor law service includes advising companies on establishing and terminating employment relationships, conducting restructurings and large-scale lay-offs, non-competition agreements, and executive compensation schemes, and responding to all aspects of HR-related questions. 

Our approach is client-focused.  We take the time to understand our client’s needs, as well as their goals.  We work with them to define a plan and implement the solutions identified.  We prepare drafts of employment contracts, negotiate on our client’s behalf with the relevant counterparties, and remain engaged until an agreement is reached.

Preparing Policies for Companies

In an age of significant liability for companies, we work with our clients to develop policies that help them define and shape the culture of their organizations so that liability can be minimized.

We try to find the most practical solution for our clients with our unique approach. KNP LAW’s labor law team advises companies on day-to-day employment issues and prepares policies that create predictability for our clients and their employees.  

We understand, of course, that preparing a policy and implementing that policy within a company are two different things.  Accordingly, our labor and employment team is ready to engage with our client’s HR departments to ensure policies are appropriately implemented and reinforced through training, seminars, and workshops. 

Creating a Safe Legal Background

As a trusted labor law legal advisor, we provide our clients with timely advice considering the latest guidance regarding employee benefits, company car programs, and tax-related solutions. With our data protection team, we can make your workplace a safer place with IT policies and GDPR-compatible solutions. 

Our team strives to avoid future litigation for our clients; however, we also provide legal representation in disputes if needed. 

We provide individualized solutions to our clients, keeping pace with the ongoing changes in the world. There have been many examples of this during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, numerous companies have turned to us for help navigating unprecedented labor and employment challenges while remaining respectful of workers’ needs and personal challenges brought on by the public health disruption.

Can you help you if somebody is working abroad?

Our labour law experts are also familiar with the labour laws of many countries.

Are they also experienced in workplace harassment?

Yes, we are well versed in labour law and judicial practice.


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