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Advertising Law & Consumer Protection
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The rise of digital and social media is creating an increased demand for proper knowledge of advertising regulations. KNP LAW’s advertising law attorneys provide a thorough strategy for establishing, protecting, and growing our client’s unique brand, communication campaigns, and advertisements. We offer a full scope of expertise in your matters to comply with all the advertising law provisions.

An essential corollary to advertising law in Hungary is consumer protection law.  A problematic approach by a company in the first area can often lead to problems in the second.  Having a team that understands both areas allows our clients to have seamless support, ensuring that what our clients do on the front end will not have undesirable consequences later.

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Advertising Law

Our attorneys regularly advise on all issues relating to creating, producing, and disseminating all media advertising, marketing, and promotion material.  This includes traditional media such as television, radio, and other printed material, which still have a significant following in the Hungarian market.  We regularly advise clients on the development and ongoing running of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media pages to ensure all posted material complies with current and upcoming legislation. Our team has experience addressing issues generated by interactive technology and consumer-generated content. Our expertise allows us to help clients adapt and succeed in a world of rapid change. We cover all legal aspects of social media activities, television, radio, and print advertising.

Within advertising law, we also provide advice on sweepstakes. We assist in deciding whether Hungarian laws govern games organized on social media pages and build up a legally acceptable strategy to organize sweepstakes. There are many things to remember, such as when the obligation to report is required, the details of the prize draw, and the handling of participant data. We must remember the privacy statements and the publishing requirement of specific rules. 

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is a field of law that is an achievement of the modern age. As there are more and more products and services, companies must provide acceptable amounts of information and compliance with the EU and national consumer protective rules. Our team knows how to keep companies on the regulatory horizon and navigate difficult choices. For this reason, we revise and observe all documents and other materials of the companies to avoid a potential consumer protection claim. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the same ethical and transparent activity in the same way our firm does.

KNP LAW assists in creating an acceptable consumer-friendly practice and policy for consumer-facing companies. In general, legislation in this area tends to favor the consumer, and companies or other entities have a difficult uphill battle when arguing consumer protection claims of any nature. As a result, we build on our experience in consumer protection and related litigation to prepare company policies and strategies to ensure no such claims will arise. 

Do you also address the issue of dark patterns?

Indeed, we are keeping an eye on the most recent e-commerce laws.

Can you also assist me in operating an online store in accordance with Hungarian law?

Sure, we can offer comprehensive legal counsel on e-commerce.


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