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The technology and innovations surrounding pharmaceutical and medical devices are constantly evolving and changing, while the regulatory environment focuses on budgets, spending, social…More information
KNP LAW is known for its commercial real estate experience in developing, investing, and transactions related to property in and around Hungary. Through…More information
The strength of Hungary’s labor market is one of the reasons many foreign investors chose to make Hungary their home base in the…More information
We represent clients in litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings in Hungary and abroad. Our attorneys have handled disputes in Europe, North…More information
More than ever, effective safeguarding and management of intellectual property is critical for companies to protect the value and maintain a competitive advantage in their…More information
The rise of digital and social media is creating an increased demand for proper knowledge of advertising regulations. KNP LAW’s advertising law attorneys provide a…More information
Given that competition law is a branch of economic regulation that contains rules on the protection of economic competition and the prevention of…More information
No company wants to find itself in financial distress.  But having a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team by your side during these difficult…More information
Information has always been valuable, never more so than today, when vast swathes of data about companies and individuals have become digitalized.  This…More information
Finance is the lifeblood of business, and KNP LAW has a strong reputation in banking and finance based on years of experience providing…More information
Taxation is a critical factor in a company's lifecycle. In business, companies don’t leave their tax issues up to chance, and their approach…More information
Few legal proceedings are as high-stakes as a criminal investigation or prosecution.  The cost to a corporation of having been found to violate criminal law…More information
We provide a full scope of corporate legal advice and services to our clients, who range from international or local listed companies to…More information
As one of the largest markets in the world, the European Union is an attractive destination for businesses from around the globe, and…More information

Energy law comprises one of the primary practice areas of our firm, about which we are engaged with questions on the planning and the full-scale…More information

We represent buyers, sellers, investors, and financial advisors in significant and complex transactions carried out in Hungary. Generally, our team advises foreign entities acquiring in…More information

KNP LAW provides legal advice about transactions conducted through digital assets, including crypto assets. Regulations regarding crypto-asset transactions and other digital assets will be increasingly…More information

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