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Real Estate, Development & Construction
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KNP LAW is known for its commercial real estate experience in developing, investing, and transactions related to property in and around Hungary. Through our experience, we have gained in-depth, practical knowledge that covers all aspects of real property law and related taxation regulation. Therefore we can provide quality, complex consultation and assistance through the entire procedure of acquisition, renting, structuring, construction, development, and the re-development of real properties.

KNP LAW is associated with several significant commercial real estate developments and has been involved in numerous transactions in and around Budapest. Our clients include foreign states and governments, leading global hotel and office building investors, international educational institutions, shopping center operators, and businesses active in other real estate developments.

The related transactions include purchasing, selling, and renting diplomatic facilities, five-star hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, and properties of other users. KNP LAW’s real estate team prepares purchase and sale agreements. We provide complex property development consultation and assistance covering purchasing, rezoning, planning, financing, project management, investment, and construction assistance.

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Real Estate Advising Services

As a well-known real property legal advisor in Hungary, we advise on every aspect of the real estate transaction. We also consistently offer legal advice on purchasing and selling existing real estate in Hungary. Since our inception as a firm, we have been advising clients on Hungary's real estate sale and purchase process. As such, we have expertise in advising local entities in Hungary and the laws and regulations that apply to foreign entities and individuals purchasing real property in Hungary – and their following development or re-development. We have in-depth knowledge of the current legislation in this field and help our clients with practical advice throughout the process. Our team enables our national and international clients to see the full scope of possibilities regarding the purchase, sale, development, and redevelopment of property in Hungary. While our focus has been primarily centered around selling and purchasing real property in Budapest, we have advised clients on sales and acquisitions around the country and, as such, have expertise dealing with local government and municipalities. 

Assistance in Drafting Agreements

We represent our clients through drafting all agreements related to the development and construction of facilities, including, without limitation, the related preliminary design agreements, architectural services agreements, loan and mortgage agreements, construction agreements, project management agreements, and land lease and development agreements. We also have experience in acquiring and constructing historical monuments and property protected by and earmarked by the Hungarian State as historical and protected. 

Lease Agreements

KNP LAW has extensive expertise in drafting and negotiating lease agreements from large-scale entities and individuals and has assisted multi-national clients and sole proprietorships in developing, forming, and negotiating favorable lease agreements. 

Real Estate Transaction (Ongoing Services)

Partners and attorneys of KNP LAW were drafting, editing, and reviewing numerous real estate purchase contracts representing vendors and sellers. Our reputation is based on successful negotiations, concluded agreements, and the performed purchases and sales. 

We act on behalf of and represent our client’s interest to the full extent of the law. We can do so through the intricate knowledge we have developed by actively working on real estate matters since the firm's inception and the extensive individual experience that attorneys had before they joined KNP LAW. Partners, foreign legal counsel, attorneys, associates, and administrative staff all have a professional or native working level of English.  

Participation in meetings and negotiations where the client’s interests are in the first place is one of our greatest strengths. During the different phases of the transaction, KNP LAW provides prompt legal advice if specific questions are requested within the shortest deadline as soon as possible.  Certified translation of any transaction documents into English, including contracts, surveys, approvals, and registration materials, is possible thanks to our qualified translator. KNP LAW can comply with all pre-purchase and post-purchase certification documentation requirements.

Do you also handle industrial real estate matters?

Yes, our law firm has extensive experience in legal matters involving real estate.

Do you also deal with the legal aspects of insuring real estate?

Yes, we can cover the full spectrum of real estate law.


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