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Green & Renewable Energy
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Energy law comprises one of the primary practice areas of our firm, about which we are engaged with questions on the planning and the full-scale realization of projects about both conventional energy sources and investments focusing on renewable energy. Our services also cover any issues that might arise during the operation phase of any implemented projects.

The decades-long experience of the Energy Law Practice Group of KNP LAW enables us to offer personalized legal services to energy sector participants, including energy producers, traders, authorized network operators, energy consumers, and transmission system operators.

Apart from staying up-to-date on the constant changes in sectoral legislation, we emphasize being in touch and in close cooperation with entities that constitute an essential component of the energy market and the corresponding authorization process, namely the regulatory authorities and various experts in the field. We do this to be able not only to provide our clients with exceptional legal services, but also to enable us to offer comprehensive solutions for accomplishing the goals of anyone that reaches out to us.

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Domestic and Cross-Border Investments

The services provided by us cover any preliminary consultation services regarding the establishment of new power plants, the building of energy transfer networks and pipelines, the wholesaler and retailer activity about the energy produced, solutions for financing of the various projects, as well as the preparation of all documents necessary for the implementation of the goals mentioned above. Our firm also takes care of the representation of its clients in authorization procedures if requested.

Apart from questions relating to energy produced from conventional energy sources and following near the shift in focus in the energy market observable during the past decade, we accord high priority to the field of renewable energy and so-called green solutions. In line with the above, our firm has provided aid to numerous domestic and international investors for their entry into the Hungarian energy market with wind, solar, and biomass energy projects, as well as facilitated the implementation of various investments involving cross-border energy transfer.

Environmental Aspects, a Comprehensive Approach

Any investments, irrespective of the fact, whether they are based on the energy produced from conventional or renewable energy sources, necessarily involve certain environmental law aspects, the tackling of which is either a direct prerequisite of the implementation of the given project or to be regarded as such a compliance issue, which may result in severe administrative and civil law consequences, if ignored. Keeping this in mind, areas such as the conducting of preliminary environmental studies regarding the authorization process, prevention, or handling of pollution, observing the restoration (recultivation) obligation about the conclusion of projects, or liability for environmental damage caused, are to be regarded as such topics that no responsible investor can afford to overlook.

In accordance with the above comprehensive approach employed by us, we examine every assignment from a legal and – with the help of experts in close cooperation with our firm – from a sectoral/professional point of view, and we aim to provide our clients with concrete, ready-to-use solutions.

Types of Cases We Handle

  • Full-scale implementation of renewable or conventional energy projects, ranging from providing preliminary legal consultation to offering solutions for any questions or issues that might arise during the operation phase of realized investments.  
  • Regulatory aspects of energy produced from conventional or renewable energy sources (especially wind and solar power), and corresponding subsidies (METÁR scheme, requirements of applying for green or brown premium subsidy).
  • Preparation and review of energy agreements, including agreements on the sale and transfer of energy, network connection, cable rights, and cross-border transactions. 
  • Consultation services and legal representation in the authorization process, preparing the corresponding documentation, and acting before the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (“MEKH”).
  • Energy and taxes (Energy Tax, Network Access Fee, etc.).
  • Energy law compliance, and due diligence.
  • Energy law dispute resolution (litigation and out-of-court solutions, representation in arbitration procedures).
  • Environmental protection and waste management.
  • Aiding lobbying activity, providing assistance in the negotiations with business partners.

Can you assist with the legal regulation of solar panels?

Yes, we help with regulatory issues for all types of renewable energy.

Do you prepare documentation for the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Office?

We represent our clients in all official procedures if required.


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