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Competition Law
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Given that competition law is a branch of economic regulation that contains rules on the protection of economic competition and the prevention of harm to consumers, the work of our competition law group and our consumer protection group is, in many cases, parallel and related. This further reinforces our work's thoroughness and ability to provide our clients with complete legal services.

We provide value for our clients on two fronts.  We help them avoid enforcement pitfalls that could severely damage their business while proactively helping them identify opportunities to grow their business and market share, thanks to available funding.  In this way, a partnership with KNP LAW not only ensures that your business is protected from liability but is also a valuable investment in helping unlock opportunities for your business going forward. 

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Competition Law Services 

Our lawyers have experience in competition law, including cartels, anti-competitive agreements, dominance and unilateral conduct, state aid, market and sector investigations, proceedings before the national Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA; GVH in Hungarian), and domestic and EU-level litigations as well. 

State Aid

KNP LAW, as an EU legal advisor in Hungary, is involved in a wide range of State Aid issues, including the grant and restructuring of aid, aid related to different public sectors and social objectives, appeals against Commission decisions, and assistance for the purposes of regeneration schemes and infrastructure projects. 

We search for relevant State Aid opportunities for our clients from public and EU sources, particularly for investment, job creation, training, and other projects. In the course of the state aid planning, we assist in the verification process by observing compliance with the conditions of the selected discount. Our team also helps in the preparation of grant applications in order to make optimal use of the benefits available.

Due Diligence and Policies 

Our competition law services identify potential competition issues, coordinate merger clearances, represent clients before regulatory boards, analyze and negotiate potential fines and deal with in-depth investigations. As a first step in our counseling work, we conduct due diligence for our clients to avoid potential competition law risks. This entails interviews with relevant company stakeholders, a review of documents, and other investigatory work that may be necessary.  We also prepare company policies and all other legal documentation to ensure that our client’s business complies with all the competition law regulations in force.

Competition Law-Related Advising Services

We give competition law advice to our clients in competition compliance matters and auditing existing policies and procedures. We can also offer our clients commercial and practical solutions they can build into their commercial practice. This includes implementing compliance programs, training provisions, related manuals, and other materials, or any existing policies and procedures changes.  We understand that proactive guidance that helps shape a company’s culture will be particularly effective in promoting compliance and reducing the risk of future liability. 

Are you also involved in representation before the Competition Authority?

Yes, we also represent our clients before the authorities.

Do you also provide compliance advice?

Yes, we try to focus on prevention when providing legal advice.


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