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22. 03. 2022. KNP LAW


Reacting to the armed conflict situation in Ukraine, the Hungarian Government issued several decrees regulating the temporary protection of displaced people. The main rules of these measures are the following:

1. Persons Eligible for Protection

The Government grants temporary protection status in accordance with Government Decree No. 86/2022 (III.7.) to the following individuals:
a) Ukrainian citizens residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022,
b) stateless persons or non-Ukrainian third-country nationals who has been granted international protection or equivalent national protection in Ukraine before 24 February 2022, and/or
c) family members of the above-referenced persons.

2. Health Care Services

All Ukrainian citizens, Ukrainian-Hungarian dual citizens and third-country nationals who are legally residing in Hungary and who are fleeing from Ukraine, as well as third-country nationals who have previously legally resided in Ukraine and are fleeing from Ukraine to Hungary are eligible to receive the necessary health care services free or for the same price that Hungarian nationals would pay for these services in accordance with Government Decree No. 86/2022 (III.7.).

Within the framework of health care, Hungary provides the above listed individuals with primary health care, outpatient care, inpatient care, medicinal products for their treatment, medical aids, emergency dental treatment, maternity care, and vaccinations.

Those coming from Ukraine can also call a toll-free phone number to request a translator to assist with their health care needs.

3. Rules on the Raise and Care of Minors

If the individual entitled to temporary protection status takes care of a minor, they can use the services of day-care centers, kindergartens and the "Biztos Kezdet Gyerekház" under the same conditions as Hungarian citizens.

4. Regular Subsistence Allowance

Pursuant to Government Decree No. 106/2022 (III.12.) applicants seeking recognition or temporary protection status are entitled to regular subsistence allowance. The allowance is also available during their stay at the host stations or the designated accommodations. The monthly amount of the subsistence allowance is equal to the amount of the employment substitution allowance for adults, which is HUF 22,800 (about EUR 62) and the family allowance for minors, which is HUF 12,200 (about EUR 33) for a family with one child.

The asylum authority shall not pay the subsistence allowance for the month during which the person otherwise eligible
a) earns income in an employment relationship with a public entity employer or a Hungarian employer,
b) receives old - age pension from the Hungarian pension system, or
c) receives old-age pension from abroad in Hungary.

5. Supporting the Employment of Ukrainian Refugees

Pursuant to Government Decree No. 96/2022 (10.III.) on the support of employment of persons with Ukrainian citizenship who have arrived from Ukraine, the Government shall provide financial support to the employers to assist in the employment of persons with Ukrainian citizenship or dual Ukrainian-Hungarian citizenship who have arrived from Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022, as well as for people who are fleeing from the armed conflict in Ukraine, if

  • the employer enters into an employment agreement with the Ukrainian citizen on or after February 24, 2022;
  • the employment of the employee takes place in Hungary;
  • the employment relationship is concluded for a definite or an indefinite period of employment for at least 20 hours per week; and,
  • the employer meets the conditions stipulated in the labor market program.

According to the Government Decree, the financial support may be granted at the request of the employer. The application for employment related financial support must be submitted electronically by the employer to the competent government office using the special form published on the website of the National Employment Service. Within 8 working days, the government office reviews the application and issues a decision on the employment assistance application.

The financial support is granted for the period following the conclusion of the employment agreement for the duration of the employment agreement but for not longer than 12 months. The financial support is paid directly to the employer and the employer must use it to cover the employee's accommodation and travel expenses.

By claiming the financial support, the employer undertakes to ensure that, for the duration of the Ukrainian individuals’ employment in Hungary, the employee and, if necessary, their minor children are provided with suitable accommodation and organized commuting means.

The amount of the financial support per employee is 50% of the employee's monthly accommodation and travel expenses, which may not exceed HUF 60 000 (about EUR 162) per employee and HUF 12 000 (about EUR 32) per child living in the same household. The financial support is exempted from taxes and other charges.



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