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07. 03. 2022. KNP LAW


On March 7, 2022, the Government has terminated most of the applicable restrictions which were in effect during the State of Emergency pursuant to Government Decree No. 77/2022 (III. 4.) on terminating certain protective measures related to the pandemic in Hungary.

Masks No Longer Required

Wearing a mask is only required in hospitals and healthcare (including elder care) facilities.

Immunity Certification No Longer Required

The rules which are related to the Immunity Certificate as it pertains to the European Union remain in effect, but all restrictions related to and services which required a valid Immunity Certificate to be used in Hungary are lifted. As a result, events and other institutions can no longer ask for an Immunity Certificate from visitors.

Restrictions on Entering Hungary Lifted

Entering Hungary no longer requires proof of vaccination, or, recovery. Additionally, the requirement to mandatory home quarantine has been lifted. Hungarian and third-party citizens can enter Hungary without restriction.

Employer Mandated Mandatory Vaccination

Except for those employed in the healthcare, social work, elder care institutions, and the national defense sphere, an employer may no longer order mandatory vaccination. Leave without pay which has been ordered must end (and employees must be recalled) no later than April 1, 2022.



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