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27. 04. 2021. KNP LAW


On April 26, 2021, Government Decree No. 194/2021 (IV. 26.) was issued amending earlier Government Decrees regulating protective measures applicable in times of emergency regarding the third stage which is phasing out the previously instituted protective measures related to COVID-19 (hereinafter: “Decree”). The Decree defines new measures which will become effective on the day following the COVID-19 vaccination (first dose) of the four millionth individual in Hungary.  

Benefits which will be associated with an official card issued by the Government (hereinafter: “Immunization Certificate” or “IC”) are set out in Government Decree No. 60/2021 (II. 12.) related to the certification of immunization for COVID-19. Those individuals with an IC will be requested to present their IC to verify their vaccination by a manager or service provider at the venue they are attending. If the individual cannot present their IC, they can be requested by the host, manager, or service provider, to leave the premises.

Individuals that hold an IC and minors under their supervision will be able to (i) attend sporting and cultural events, (ii) restaurants and catering venues; and (iii) accommodation and leisure facilities. At these events and locations, the wearing of a mask will be optional for individuals with an IC.

Curfew and Opening Hours

The curfew will be pushed back by an additional hour, from 11:00 p.m. to midnight. Shops, catering venues, restaurants, sporting events, and other cultural programs will be open until 11:00 p.m.

Special Restaurant Restrictions

Masks are and will remain mandatory inside restaurants and other dining venues. Masks can be removed for the time when individuals are consuming food or drink. On the terrace, garden area, and other outdoor locations masks can be removed.

Detailed Rules Regarding Leisure Activities and Facilities

Those individuals that hold an IC may be admitted to the following locations and venues:

  • performing arts event (theatre, dance, musical event, or circus);
  • gyms and other fitness related venues, including swimming pools and ice rinks;
  • cinemas;
  • public baths;
  • zoo;
  • adventure and amusement parks;
  • museums and other cultural institutions, including public libraries and other similar public cultural institutions.

Special Rules for the Protection of Unvaccinated Individuals

Places and locations which are open both to vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals alike (public parks, public transit, and stores) mask wearing will continue to be mandatory and grouping and congregating will continue to be avoided. Private and family events may continue to be held with a maximum of ten people in attendance.



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