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COVID-19 Hungary: Travel Restrictions Update
28. 08. 2020. KNP LAW

COVID-19 Hungary: Travel Restrictions Update

As entry restrictions have been eased around the European Union, we would like to provide a general update on travel restrictions. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers have been trending downwards – at least up until recently - since quarantine measures were first instituted in Hungary.

As a result, certain safety measures which were instituted to protect the general population have now been lifted. These changes are as follows:

  • The special shopping hours for individuals over the age of 65 at grocery stores and pharmacies have been lifted;
  • Stores, restaurants, and hotels have resumed normal operations without any restrictions on their operating hours;
  • Visitation restrictions at hospitals, retirement homes, and hospice care facilities have been lifted;
  • The Hungarian government intends to resume the school year for all students on a normal schedule starting on September 1st without any further disruption pending the evaluation of COVID-19 statistics in the days leading up to the official start date of educational institutions; and
  • Masks are still required to be worn inside shops and when travelling on public transportation.

The color classification related travel restrictions that were introduced before are still valid and the current color classification map can be viewed here:

To summarize, Hungarians and their immediate relatives may enter the country from GREEN countries without the need for any further health checks. A Hungarian citizen that is arriving to Hungary from a YELLOW or RED designated country will be subjected to health checks at their port of entry and must quarantine for fourteen days, unless they are able to show two negative COVID-19 tests which must have been taken 48 hours apart within five days prior to their travel. A Hungarian citizen arriving from a YELLOW country only needs to show one negative COVID-19 test for entry (without quarantine), but if they are arriving from a RED country, they must be able to produce two negative tests to enter without mandatory quarantine.

Non-citizens arriving from a YELLOW designated country can enter with the same restrictions a citizen can – however, they are not able to enter Hungary from a RED designated country.

All countries are considered GREEN designated countries if they do not appear in the RED or YELLOW category. The countries in these categories as of the writing of this article are:

  • RED Designated Countries:
    • Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, all African countries, all Asian countries, except for Japan, China, and South Korea, and Australia.
  • YELLOW Designated Countries:
    • Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Kingdom of Sweden, Japan, People’s Republic of China, United States of America, Canada, and Spain.

Individuals entering Hungary through a waterway or in a motor vehicle will be subject to health checks at their port of entry.

Should you have any questions regarding these restrictions, or if you have a unique circumstance that you would like us to address, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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