Pro Bono

KNP LAW has long adopted and followed the principle of giving back to the community. Attorneys at KNP LAW assist and work with PILnet, the Global Network for Public Interest Law, and render free legal services to groups, including grassroots civil organizations, public service foundations, non-profit limited liability companies, as well as individuals who otherwise would not have access to justice. KNP LAW advises the firm’s pro bono clients on corporate foundation, operation, and program organization matters, and other issues of general importance.

KNP LAW encourages all of its attorneys to participate in the firm’s pro bono program and provides credit for the time they donate. Through our pro bono program we often help individuals to restore their lives and regain their assets and standing in society.

Pro bono is only one of the many ways we fulfill our social responsibility. In addition to pro bono legal representation, another good example is our support of educational activities. Among others, KNP LAW is the regular sponsor of the annual exchange seminars on private law and procedural law organized by Eotvos Lorand University Faculty of Law (Budapest – Munich, Budapest – Gottingen). In 2012 the firm set up a merit-based scholarship fund to finance the education of one student of the University’s Faculty of Law in every academic year.