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Phone: +36 (1) 302 9050

Dr. Akos Horvath is partner at KNP LAW. He graduated as a lawyer from Karl Franzens University Graz, where he became Assistant at the Department of Constitutional and Public Law. He has naturalized his degree (JD) at the Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary and later acquired Master of Business Administration in English language.

His career as an attorney-at-law began at a leading international law firm. Soon he founded an independent law firm, providing legal services and representing medium-large foreign corporations and various institutions of the administration.

In 2014 he was appointed as Chief Legal Officer of the National Land Fund Management Organization (NFA).

Following that, he was appointed as Senior Adviser and Agricultural Attaché for Hungary to the US at the Embassy of Hungary in Washington DC.

In November, 2018 he joined KNP LAW Nagy Koppany Varga and Partners as partner.

His main fields of expertise are structured transactions, real estate law, agricultural real estate law, agricultural leasehold, operation of state and local government bodies, international transactions, investment promotion and special interests. He is a member of the Budapest Bar and is providing services in Hungarian, English and German.