Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Technology surrounding drugs and medical devices changes with lightning speed, while the regulatory environment focuses on budgets, spending, social reimbursement, and general healthcare issues. Government regulators face a two-tier challenge: the struggle of handling the evolution of pharma in the 21st century and the state-imposed financial restraints on pharmaceutical spending. Headed by Dr. Kornelia Nagy-Koppany, the life sciences practice group of KNP LAW is committed to representing industry associations, domestic, international and multinational pharmaceutical and medical clients, not only with understanding the interoperation of regulations, but also with questioning or adopting new regulations when necessary.

Our pharmaceutical and medical device clients benefit from the intellectual property expertise that members of KNP LAW obtained in the prosecution and defense of innovations, patents, trademarks, and trade names. Our lawyers are experienced in social reimbursement and regulatory matters, such as market and data exclusivity. The litigation and dispute resolution team complements the work of the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical devices group regarding product liability issues and other litigation complexities.