KNP LAW contributed the Hungary chapter to Conference Bleue’s European pricing and reimbursement compilation

Conférence Bleue, the most prestigious network of European pharmaceutical and health law experts has recently published a guide called Pricing and Reimbursement Questions.  Authors of the Hungarian chapter are members of KNP LAW’s life sciences and pharmaceuticals practice group.

In addition to general questions on pricing and reimbursement, the guide examines on a country by country basis the effects of austerity measures that have been introduced in the pharmaceutical sector since 2009 and the overall impact of the market introduction of more generic products. The compilation also discusses those national laws and regulations that mandate the prescription of the cheapest reimbursed drugs in each jurisdiction and summarizes the conditions surrounding the off-label use of certain authorized medicines and the financing of rare disease treatments together with the use of orphan drugs.

Please click here to read the entire Conférence Bleue study.

Conférence Bleue was established in 1997.  KNP LAW is the exclusive Hungarian member of the organization since 2008.

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