European Law

It is difficult to imagine a field of law correlating to the operation of a business that is not grounded in the laws of the European Union. Though in many cases the issues are decided directly on the basis of the provisions of local laws, due to the direct effect of certain sources of the European Law and to the requirement of conformity, the law of the European Union heavily influences the laws of Hungary. In many areas, the directly applicable sources of national laws are based on the corresponding provisions of European Law.

Many activities pursued by business entities are largely regulated by European Law. Included are the areas of competition law and the law of state aid. It all means that a thorough knowledge of the law of the European Union is indispensable for the provision of complex legal services.

Attorneys of KNP LAW jointly represent a unique ensemble of European Law knowledge. Many of our attorneys have earned postgraduate degrees and qualifications in European Law at renowned international institutions. Some members of our team teach European Law at the Eotvos Lorand University Faculty of Law in Budapest. Others deliver lectures for international audiences outside Hungarian borders. Our European law team is led by Prof. Dr. Istvan Varga who is duly recognized in the field of arbitration and litigation both in and out of Hungary. His international and European public law knowledge and experience properly complement the practice of KNP LAW and add substantial value to our cross-border transactional activities as well as to our international arbitration and litigation practice.