Constitutional Remedies

On January 1, 2012 the Fundamental Law of Hungary entered into force. The law replaced the Hungarian Constitution, and among other important changes, it introduced the possibility of challenging final and binding court judgments before the Constitutional Court on grounds of violating constitutional rights. With this important new aspect, the form of the challenge, called the constitutional complaint, has become a standard but separate option in Hungarian court procedures for litigants claiming that their constitutional rights were neglected, abused, or mistreated. The change emphasizes the need for knowledge of public law, and especially, knowledge of constitutional law.

KNP LAW offers an unrivalled expertise in this field, as several of its senior attorneys have been dealing with constitutional law matters for many years. 

The Constitutional Remedies practice of KNP LAW is led by Prof. Dr. Istvan Varga, former counselor to the President of the Constitutional Court, and is assisted by Dr. Annamaria Klara who served as a Justices’ clerk at the Hungarian Constitutional Court for over six years.

Clients of KNP LAW Constitutional Remedies practice include individuals and public organizations, representing both profit and not-for-profit local and international enterprises.