Changes in the OGYEI Notification Process of Sponsorships Provided in Connection with Professional Events

On January 9, 2018, the National Institute for Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI) published an important piece of information on its website. In it OGYEI advised promoters that as of January 4, 2018, OGYEI no longer accepts email notifications of sponsorships provided in connection with professional events but only information uploaded to the new platform created for this specific purpose.

Promoters must first register on the new platform, which OGYEI shall confirm. Along with the registration, promoters are required to send a duly signed authorization to the following email address:

Following registration, a so-called two-factor authentication must be completed to sign onto the platform, for which it is necessary for the user to install an authentication application program. The authentication app suggested by OGYEI is the Google Authentication (Hitelesítő), which can be also installed on smartphones using the Android and/or iOS operating systems.

The authentication app is required for all subsequent sign-ins. If registered users lose or replace their smart phones, they must request deletion of the earlier registered two-factor authentication by sending an email to, without which they will not be able to sign onto the platform. Following deletion of the prior authentication code, users must set up the new two-factor authentication on the new device.

The information next to the data fields will help to complete the notification. The required fields may not be left blank because the system does not accept incomplete notifications. Following an event, sponsors will have seven (7) days to upload the optional data to the platform. Thereafter, all data shall be final and cannot be amended or modified on the notification platform. The only document/s that is/are mandatory to enclose is/are the contract(s) related to the event organized by the promoter. Other contracts and documents related to the events (e.g., certification of payment of the registration fees, amount of sponsorship provided for the event, etc.), should be provided only when specifically requested by OGYEI.

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